Qubo Smart Home Security Camera: The Camera You Never Knew Your Home Wanted

Qubo Home Security Camera

Qubo launched India’s smartest and most durable Home Security Camera, known as – the Qubo Smart Home Security Camera. It comes with the never-seen AI technologies such as Baby Cry Alert and Person Detection, to protect your family.

It is the first security camera of India that can be used for outdoor security, as it is weather-resistant because of its IP 65 rating. The Qubo Security Camera supervises every bit of your house, with its 1080p Full HD camera. With the higher-ranking infrared night vision, it gives you distinct footage even during the night time and keeps you safe.

Here are some features that make the camera extra-ordinary: 

  • Person Detection

With the modern AI techniques, Qubo Smart Home Security Camera is able to detect any motion occurring in its view-field. It can detect and update you whenever it detects a person with the help of its face-recognition and voice recognition system. It also integrates with the motion sensors to keep unwanted intruders out of your home.

  • Baby Cry Detection

Well, the  Qubo Smart Home Security Camera comes with something that all mothers have been longing for, “an advanced baby cry detector”. It automatically detects baby cries and notifies you immediately; this works as a perfect baby monitor. It is highly recommended for kids up to the age of 2 years so that you don’t skip any essential moment with your baby.

  • Superior Night Vision

With its high-intensity infrared technology, it gives immaculate footage even during the night. It absorbs more light using lower pixels to generate crystal-clear images. This works at its full-swing even if the range is 5-6 meters in darkness.

  • Local Cloud Storage

In contrast to all the other security cameras, Qubo has a local, reliable PKI based cloud in India that stores your data. You can procure the cloud subscription to avail of the most certain and extended data storage features so that you never receive any lack of space alerts.

  • Ultra-Security

Qubo Camera - Ultra Security

There is no chance of data leakages whatsoever. All audio, and video streaming is secured with AES128 Encryption.

  • Two Way Communication

It comes with a high-power built-in speaker and mic that allows you to have a two-way chat without any jitters. It includes echo and noise cancellation features for providing a better communication experience. You can be the Big-Boss of your house!

  • Compatible with Alexa

The product comes with Alexa integration plugins that allow us to manipulate the camera controls with our voice. You can view the feed, set its range, initiate a two-way voice chat, just by giving mere voice commands.

  • Real-Time Remote Monitoring

Qubo assures that you are not away from your home during any emergency or precious occasion, with their Live Remote Monitoring system. It has an ultra-wide view range with its 110 degrees lens and super-dense image quality. You can also keep a track of the slightest movements taking place in your premises, even a wandering-buzzing bee.

  • Weather Resistance

Weather resistant - Qubo Home Security Camera

The Qubo Home Security Camera can withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfalls, snowfalls, dust storms, or humid summers. The IP65 weather-resistant camera can also be installed outdoors in gardens, corridors, garages without requiring you to worry about anything.

  • COVID-19 Service

This product comes with the exclusive Face Mask Detection feature. It can immediately identify if any visitor or employee is not wearing a face-mask and warns you through the Qubo App. This breakthrough AI feature is currently under development, but will ingress in the home-automation industry very soon.

Aren’t you super-excited after knowing the features of Qubo Smart Home Security Camera?

If you want to know even more about Qubo Smart Home Security Camera, you can post your queries in the comments section below.


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