Detect Technologies

We as humans have always aimed to create robust systems to increase efficiency and reduce possible damage to both life and product. Companies are always searching for the next best thing to regulate the happenings of their facilities. The solutions offered by a Chennai based company called Detect Technologies are some of the best on the current market.

Daniel Raj originally started the company inside IIT Madras. It has now grown and is creating technology and devices that offer non-invasive operations monitoring by effectively using automation for asset management.

Asset Management Products Offered

Noctua automated drone
Noctua – Automated Drone

This company currently offers two products. The first is Noctua, an automated drone that facilitates a firm to conduct inspections of their assets. It can be customised by the company as per their requirement, depending on different size of assets or assets’ location.

It can take measurements of any assets kept, even pipes and offer you insights with their indoor and outdoor inspections. The flight paths may be designed and repeated according to the requirement that the company may have. It can also detect faults and offer real-time location. The company has made effective use of automation concept in asset management task for the businesses.

The another product is often called GUMPS, which stands for Guided Ultrasonic Monitoring Pipelines System and it is their flagship product. This device may also be permanently installed and can thus offer continuous monitoring of pipelines.

It allows temperature sensing of pipelines and can work with temperatures between -50°C TO 300°C. In addition, it provides automatic corrosion detection and sends all this information to the client’s computer.

Who are the Clients?

Detect Technologies also uses a cloud-based system to store all the information that a client or company may require at any time to make decisions and monitor operations.

Thus, their clients include Reliance Industries, Bharat Petroleum, Tata Steel and ITC Limited as they offer much-needed assistance to reduce any human errors.

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