The IoT market is overwhelmed with the neck to neck competition. As we know, these days the businesses are moving forward really fast. This in turn, is forcing new companies and startups to emerge, and solve the bottlenecks of this market with innovation and better ideas. 

Following all this, Padamraj K Bagrecha, Director at Dimension Digital Controls Pvt. Ltd. has decided to enter the field of IoT and home automation systems with an all-new product Digilux.

With more than a decade of experience in this industry, he developed this product on his own. Digilux is a retrofit home automation system to control your entire house through the touch of a few buttons on your mobile. 

He found his company in May 2016 with its headquarters in Bangalore. This product is a cumulative result of his 8 years of in depth market research and product testing. The team leading the company now consists of about 10 people. Some of which are Padamraj K Bagrecha himself, Mr. MAK and Mahaveer K Bagrecha. Padamraj has been working with home automation, e-surveillance, security, and high-end AV solutions for almost a decade now. 

Mahaveer possesses a working knowledge of semiconductor, electronics, e-surveillance, and hospitality industries while Mr. MAK has experience in system architecture. The whole team has greatly contributed to the development of Digilux.

Home Automation Products offered by Digilux

Digilux Switchboard - Home Automation Product
Digilux Touch Switchboard

Like a few other home automation systems in the market, Digilux consists of a touch-based switch control system with a handheld remote as well. The panel is available in 4 to 8 modules. It comes with on/off controls, dimming controls, scenario controls, fan control, master on/off controls, last status, and memory recall functionalities. By using additional hardware, you can also control all type of IR devices and RGB lights using the Digilux App. The app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS. Additionally IR, IP, and RS232 controllers for third-party device control are also available. 

The product is into the production of home automation systems right now. It can even be integrated with almost any IoT platform for energy monitoring and can further be used for feedback and data analysis.

The company now aims to build a system and dealer integrator model. Where they tie-up with SI’s across India to provide the solution to end-users. About 60-70 per cent of people renovating their existing homes can deploy their systems with ease. Mahaveer in an interview said, “With the increasing awareness of home automation. We see a surge in the market where 50-60 per cent of new homeowners will go ahead with automating their homes”. Moreover, the company has plans for the intentional market too. 

Future Plans 

They plan to have a distributor network in place. Although they already have some experience centres situated in Bengaluru, Goa, Mysore, Hassan, Mangalore and Bhubaneswar. They will continue to add more of them to the network.

The awareness about home automation systems is drastically increasing in India. While people can always deploy new costly smart systems at their homes. The future for this product is bright, due to its qualities to fit almost anywhere.


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