Home Market Home automation market in India: A 30,000 crore opportunity

Home automation market in India: A 30,000 crore opportunity

Home automation market in India

“Change is the only constant”: We all have heard this famous adage a zillion times, but when it comes to technology, the world has proved it over and over again. The tech world has been expanding and becoming better with every passing day. 

Due to the ever-increasing demand for comfort by the users, the noble concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) has become the cynosure of techies’ attention. 

Subsequently, the work and research on Smart and Automated Homes have shown an exponential increase and it’s been increasing in leaps and bounds.

Home Automation Market in India

Home automation market growth in India

This market has clearly shown the world its potential by portraying some whooping figures. The fact that the home automation industry in India will reach 30,000 crores by 2020 is quite alluring and more importantly assuring. 

Having thoroughly analysed this booming market sector, an India based domestic home automation solutions firm, called EBTL, has dived into this tech realm with its mobile-assisted smart switching solution for homes, called Amour.

The founder of EBTL is a 2013 alumni of one of the most prestigious engineering colleges of India, IIT Kharagpur. The idea of Amour had a very humble beginning. All of it started with building shockproof switches which, with passing time, were intensively worked upon and innovated. 

Advancement in Technology: Fuel for Growth

Today what we have is the EBTL’s smart version of switches called Amour. It works on Wi-Fi and can be controlled by touch, smartphones, and also by voice commands.

In the past few years the company has shown a Pan-Indian expansion stretching to over 350 cities in the country. Well, not just this; they have even expanded to new countries in the Middle East, USA, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

According to Manish Salhotra, co-founder of EBTL, the company has shown a remarkable growth rate of 20% y-o-y. Moreover, it has had the pleasure of having some reputed clients like Oyo, Ramada Hotels and Mahindra and Mahindra.

EBTL Amour automation device

Currently, in this financial year, their revenue is expected to be Rs. 20 crores but with their growth of 20% annually they are aiming to achieve Rs. 100 crores target by the end of FY2021. They are also aiming to explicate their arms to over 50 countries in the next 2-3 years.

Their automation products cater to various sectors of living like residential, hospitality and commercial spaces. Therefore, they are hoping to extend their automation products to a stage wherein they can fulfill the demands of each and every consumer. 

Most importantly they wish to ensure that these products are made available to the customers at affordable prices. Their target is a smart and automated livelihood with the quality touching the pinnacle and the costing drooping down to the nadir.

EBTL’s growth

EBTL has had the fortune of having collaborations from all over the country. Now, they have set their primary focus on 2 major projects. With an amazing product like Amour, they wish to automate all the showrooms of M&M and to make all the Oyo Rooms well equipped with Amour as the automation product. Above all, the striking part about these two business ventures is the energy-saving and centralized access to all the panels over the internet. 

The Guest Room Automation Systems (GRMS) with switching control with Amour automation paves the concrete path for exquisite customer satisfaction. Additionally, it also ensures their zenith of success in the realm of automation.

The future of IoT in India

Mr. Salhotra believes that IoT based automation is an ever-growing market and as a result their product is winning accolades and appreciation everywhere. The desire and acceptance of smart products are expected to tremendously increase from 1.5% in 2019 to 9.5% in 2023. This undoubtedly paints a vivid image of this business venture. 

Their array of products caters to both premiums as well as mass-market which makes their products so desirable. And also, the fact that retrofitting is possible with their products makes every household out there a possible client for them. 

This clearly shows the extent to which EBTL with its niche product Amour, can expand and flourish.

Thus, no wonder that this company has become the market leader and the flag-bearer in the automation sector of India. 



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