WooBloo Founders

Hearing about all the success stories from around the world inspires us to work a little harder in whatever we do, to push a little more, to check our limits, and how far we can go. Be it Steve Jobs or Bill gates, their stories have their own charm in them. It’s interesting to note that these were the people, no one believed in; but they never stopped to believe in themselves and that is exactly what makes an entrepreneur. After reading this article, you will realize the importance of hard work and self believing to achieve anything in life.

It is elegantly amazing to see how one can rise from zero to one’s highest potential as a reward for years of hard work and consistency. One such success story is of Sirisha Gondi, a Hyderabad based entrepreneur who is a Co-Founder of WooBloo.

WooBloo is a technology company that creates a new generation of connected devices and products. Sirisha was introduced to entrepreneurship at a very young age while helping her father who was running his own industry of trading and infrastructure. 

Journey of WooBloo

Inspired by the revolutionary man of Smartphones Steve Jobs; Sirisha started her entrepreneurship journey as a WooBloo founder with her brother Lakshman Sandeep in 2016. Sirisha completed her bachelor’s in computer science from the University of Madras. She went out in the business world and researched a lot to validate her idea first.

After being sure of this technology and its market needs, the big challenge was raising capital. In a recent interview, Sirisha said, “Though a lot of noise is made in the market about providing access to capital for startups by the Government and venture capitalists; none of this is directed towards hardware startups who have Proof of Concept (POC)”. After facing multiple challenges, Sirisha has proven to be a highly successful businesswoman. She thinks out of the box and also has the capability to solve problems.

WooBloo has its headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina in the US and an office in Hyderabad city in India. According to the India Brand Equity Foundation, this startup will grow to $350 billion by 2025. 

In early 2019, the startup pivoted into leveraging emerging technologies like AI-powered voice assistants, IoT, and gesture recognition. It helped in creating products that are future-ready to satisfy the evolving consumer needs. Sirisha beliefs in making intelligent and smart devices that can make people’s lives easier.

WooBloo first started to achieve this goal by launching a personal assistance mobile application. But they soon realized that this idea was not very new and that app fatigue among users is becoming more common.



WooBloo Smash

The startup then launched their new device WooBloo Smash a year later, which is a multi-purpose IoT device that functions as a smart speaker, (powered by the AI engine of Amazon Alexa) and smart projector with in-built video streaming apps and channels including Prime videos, YouTube, Netflix, Disney Channel, Pluto TV, etc. There is also an option for ‘concierge access around the clock’ which can be accessed using a monthly subscription. 

After years of research and hard work, WooBloo is now in contact with big investors around the world for business growth and expansion. This acts as an inspiring story for millions of people in India; especially young women, to start investing their time in their ideas and become another success story we can talk about. 


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