Lenovo Smart Home Assistants

The West has always been a pioneer when it comes to advancing in the realm of technology. Even when it came to adopting Smart Home they showed excessive intent. We have been following the footsteps of the West and are progressing towards the same.

We might have been facing serious issues on the infrastructure and connectivity fronts. But this hasn’t subdued our spirits towards a better lifestyle that Smart Homes assure us.

Lenovo devices stormed the market and impressed the consumers with an array of products that can act as a starter kit for Indians towards building Smart Homes. 

In a recent interview,  Rahul Agarwal, CEO, and MD of Lenovo India threw a lot of light on how we can work towards upgrading our lifestyles and shift ourselves towards a more tech-driven environment.

Capitalizing on the smart home trend 

Whenever we imagine our country towards such a drastic change; the fact that we still lack the necessary resources creates a dark, dusty cloud of worry, self-doubt, and suspicion in our minds. There are towns in our country that lack very basic amenities like electricity. How can we even think of establishing and expanding the tech world in our country?

Well, Rahul Agarwal believes that the vast expanse of our country can be divided into 15-20 subsections. When we look at the country as these subsections, we realize that there are various parts that are well endowed with the requisite amount of resources and the intent towards a major change. There are people in these areas who are tech-savvy and would love to dive into this arena. 

They’ll accept this technology with open arms. The fact that this would become as popular as Smart Phones and will receive similar support from the mass, is still a question embedded deep in the womb of the future. Its success depends on the fact that how rapidly this early adoption of the new technology gains sufficient fame amongst the masses. The fact that people see this technology at their friend’s place and find it affordable, would make the product reach the masses.

When we come to a thorough SWOT analysis of establishing Smart Homes, it’s imperative to look at the varied infrastructure and technical challenges that we’ll have to endure and subdue.

We first need to realize the fact that smart home has a very wide expanse of connotations and annotations. 

The presence of appliances like refrigerator, microwave, LED TV and so many more are all smart devices. Rahul believes that the entire world and this country in specific are well equipped & more importantly all ready to become SMART.

In India whenever a product has been marketed as a need for the user and not a better alternative; the product has done wonders. Smart homes are looked at as an alternative to better living. 

The moment we make the people realize it’s a necessity, the market will rise exponentially. We also need to make sure that the prices are well in check. This clearly proves that infrastructure is definitely not an obstacle in the path to the pinnacle of technology.

Analyzing the global competition 

We know that Amazon’s Smart Homes have not been able to attract the attention of the masses. This is a two-way thing. It incites suspicion towards the feasibility and also provides a competition-free and an evermore nurturing environment for Lenovo. Rahul believes that the fact that even though Amazon and Google have invested so much yet could not reap profits, does ring some bells. 

The penetration of Smart Homes is a mere 1.5% compared to the penetration of smartphones stationed at a whopping 60-70% is also an alarming statistic. Having said that, he prefers to look at the brighter side of things and thinks that all this is simply paving the path for the establishment and monopoly for their products. Even with figures like these, he can sense feasibility and a great market base.

Lenovo Smart Home Assistants & Devices

Lenovo Smart DisplayLenovo has recently come up with an array of new smart devices, all prepped to rule the market. First in line is a smart clock which is a bedroom device. Next up Lenovo has 2 smart devices which are smart home assistants, one is a 7-inch and the other is a 10-inch and they are fully enabled on the google platforms and they can interact with more than 5000 smart devices and can literally do anything for you. 

Moreover, they have also showcased smart bulbs, smart cameras, and smart plugs. This is just the beginning. As the masses show interest in these products, they would come up with even more products.

We all know that every successful venture is based upon the strong pillars of some valuable virtues and exquisite qualities. Lenovo stands strong on 4 pillars: user satisfaction, affordability, advanced technology, and durability. 

Lenovo tries to implement the latest technology to build devices that are durable and prove to be value for money. They also lay immense focus on the feedback given by the users and try to make the user experience memorable. 

These four pillars have raised the stature of their company to the zenith. They are assured that these will also fulfill their dream of becoming the flag-bearer of Smart Homes in the country.

We are excited about Lenovo Smart Home Assistants and all other devices they have lined up in the future. Are you?


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