There comes a point in every person’s life; when one just wants to break the hell out of their alarm clock. Yes, we are talking about your fear of getting up early in the morning. Being a morning person is tough but getting forced to wake up early in the morning makes it even worse. 

A night of uninterrupted sleep is what everyone demands and that is the reason how the snooze button got its popularity. When you are not a morning person, everything seems so difficult in those hours. There are the lazy ones who would rather leave a light or fan on than get up to turn it off. But as the technology is advancing, we are getting to see mind blowing innovations every day and this case is no exception.

Octise Smart Homes Solution

A new Indian startup named Octise; founded by Ujjwal Syal, an engineer from Delhi is going to help you fix your snooze woes. Ujjwal set up Octise in 2017, a company that makes devices that allow one to control appliances using a smartphone. He completed his engineering in Computer Science from NIIT University. He has great experience with projects in software development, cyber-security, computer vision, machine learning, electronics and electrical engineering. Keen on becoming an entrepreneur, Ujjwal sought to build a solution that leveraged technology for every common household.

Octise Smart Homes Solutions

Based on IoT, the company’s biggest USP is that the devices they make are designed to fit in existing switchboards. Hence, a user does not need to change the wiring of the house every time. Appliances are connected to the nodes of the device. It facilitates the user tp access the appliance remotely even through a smartphone. 

All switches connected to the device work in synchronization with the mobile app. In case one turns an appliance on or off using a switch, it reflects on the app. According to Ujjwal, the satisfaction of being on the right path came when visiting a customer’s house, he saw a stack of things piled up in front of the switchboard. On being asked about it, Ujjwal’s customer said, “We don’t need the switchboards anymore. You have ensured that we have everything we need on our phones“. This is a remarkable compliment that clearly shows the satisfaction of the customer. 

The company sells 3 types of devices, 4 Node, 1 Node, and Smart plug all of which have individual applications with different kinds of electrical appliances, depending on the voltage and load suitability. Ujjwal in an interview said, “It is simple to share access with other users to allow shared control over appliances, and revoke when not needed. I feel this kind of better control over your home can help you save up to 30 percent of energy. Easy on your pocket, healthier for the environment.” So these IoT devices not only make your life convenient but help in your savings too.

Cutting-edge IoT Products for Businesses

Enterprises are always looking for innovative ways to solve a problem. Other than smart home devices, Octise also develops specific IoT products for enterprises like start-ups and restaurants.

Octise sells smart home devices directly to end customers, and also through tie-ups with builders who are constructing new properties. They’ve only been in the market for six months and still, the customers have been very supportive according to Ujjval. From an industry perspective, Octise plans to soon move from individual smart devices to seamless home connectivity and smart living. 

As sensor technologies, smarter robotic appliances, voice command technology further simplify our lives by employing multi-sensing home automation devices, Octise aims to bring value in the smart homes sector and business automation as well.


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