Jio recently opened its Pandora box and surprised its users with its exquisite array of products. During the Reliance AGM event in August, it had assured its users of affordable prices and better services than their competitors. The announced Jio fiber plans and prices have been put forth keeping in mind the same ideology.

Well, that’s just not it. Jio has also planned to dive into the realm of Automation and Smart Homes. It also aspires to bring smart home solutions through its Jio Fiber services. It has come forth with an array of products to bring to reality the dream of tech-savvies: Smart Homes

Jio Set Top Box

Jio has come up with Jio Set Top Box, one of their niche products which is one of their most advanced IoT devices. It will render a completely exquisite direction and stability to varied smart services through Jio Fiber. The JioFiber network is also entrusted with the responsibility of furnishing more stable calling with the JioCall app on smartphones as well.

On the outside, it seems like a box that aids streaming TV content and online content from OTT apps, but actually, it offers much more. It brings to reality, some of the finest next-gen smart features like gaming, video calling, and local network creation. The JioTv Camera will connect to the Jio Set Top Box and help make video calls, from the TV to other Jio users on other devices possible.

JioTV Camera
JioTV Camera

The set-top box will act as a host for the video calling services ably aided by the camera from Jio. It will be able to host a video call with up to four people at a given point in time.

The gaming part has also created a lot of hype in the market. The Set-Top Box is expected to provide a very smooth zero-latency gaming experience and will support all popular gaming controllers. Therefore, Jio’s gaming service will be quite similar to Stadia. Users will buy the games online and using JioFiber’s network, they will be able to play them online from a central server.

Coming to the Home Networking, users would be able to plug in a hard drive or a thumb drive to the Jio Set Top Box and use it as common storage over the home network. The added feature in this would be the fact that this will be wireless, unlike others.

Jio Smart Security & Mixed Reality Products

Jio is also planning to launch an array of smart surveillance cameras for home monitoring. These will provide 24×7 home monitoring that is beneficial for users that are away from home and need to be in touch/take care of their pets, children, or elderly people at home. The Jio Door Camera will keep a record of all the visitors on the door from anywhere on your phone.

At the AGM launch event, Jio also talked about having acquired an Indian startup for developing its MR headset for JioFiber Mixed Reality services. The Jio Holoboard MR headset will connect with the JioFiber network in homes; and offer access to all MR services such as MR shopping, MR education, and VR movie watching experience.

Jio has left no stone unturned in revolutionizing the Automation market sector with its niche products and is sure to acquire the entire market in a very short span of time. The Jio Set Top Box with its amazing high tech features is definitely expected to allure the attention of many users. 


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