Sharp launches smart home devices for the Indian market

SHARP smart home system

SHARP Corporation, a Japanese multinational corporation, known worldwide for its unique one-of-a-kind electronic products and solutions, unveiled a new line of smart home devices on the Indian market on Wednesday to boost its presence in the country’s home air purification and home appliance sector.

Company’s Belief

Yuki Chiyoda of SHARP said that their dream is to bring fresh creativity, innovations, and technology to every Indian household. SHARP’s utmost priority is their customers. They believe that their customers must get the taste of the best and the latest technology out there. 

They believe that in today’s hectic schedule, good technology can make people’s life way easier. SHARP is a corporation that is capable of providing that to its customers. Yuki Chiyoda also said, the primary concern of SHARP is to completely dedicate all the efforts in delivering innovative and cutting-edge technology. The ultimate aim is to make today’s busy life a little stress-free.

SHARP Smart Home Appliances

SHARP IndiaThe company has launched various products for its Indian market. Its latest product line-up includes Air Purifiers, Dehumidifiers, and Water Purifiers with advanced filtration technology. It also includes a line of smart home appliances including Twin Cooker, Superheated Steam Oven, Slow Juicer, Vacuum Blender, and Bread Maker. 

These products will make an individual’s life easier by helping in day-to-day tasks. Now, all the chores an individual has to do manually; will be easily handled by the new range of appliances launched by SHARP.

Shinji Minatogawa, the Managing Director of SHARP India said that the latest releases of smart home devices will open up new growth prospects for SHARP while concentrating primarily on customer benefits. The Indian market is full of potential and Indians can benefit a lot from this new cutting-edge technology provided by the company. 

He believes that the Indian market is one of the leading markets of the world, due to its ever-increasing demand in the consumer durable segment. He and his team are very delighted to launch these goods to kick off the festive season sales.

Sharp is aiming to improve people’s lives through the use of advanced technology. It has also set a commitment to innovation, quality, value, and design. 

With the unambiguous goal of maximizing customer satisfaction and increasing the product offering of the flagship products; SHARP intends to focus on premium products, prompt customer services, and offering superior products through partners.


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