Smart home automation is here to stay. Controlling the activities of almost all our smart home appliances with the help of your smartphone is absolutely brilliant. It’s indeed possible because of the advancements in the IoT, which allows us the flexibility to rely on wireless home automation systems. 

However, there are certain factors to keep in mind before we go ahead and invest in a reliable home automation system. The first thing we need to examine is the technology that the product uses and how efficiently it fits with your device.

Home Automation Technologies: A Quick Comparison

Smart Home Technologies Comparison

Wi-Fi: The smart home appliances can easily connect to the existing Wi-Fi network. However, using all the devices with the help of a Wi-Fi network can slow down all devices’ responses. Also, one should keep in mind that it’s a technology hungry for power. 

Li-Fi: It’s an excellent pick for the ones who are considerate enough about how much energy is being consumed. It is highly preferred as compared to the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even R. 

Zigbee: Someone who is on the lookout for a package that consumes low power incurs low cost and, at the same time, creates a personal network, Zigbee is the pick for you. 

Z-Wave: It encourages active compatibility among smart home appliances, is a prominent technology for energy savers, and is effectively synchronized with almost every brand.

Bluetooth: Last but not least, Bluetooth undoubtedly consumes less power than the technologies mentioned above and can also connect multiple devices that possess a similar connectivity feature. 

Now coming back to our question, is it a good idea to invest in a wireless home automation system? The answer is, why not!

The reason is that even if it involves an immeasurable amount of cost, ultimately, it proves as an investment for a lifetime. Also, it’s never too late to invest in anything smart which is sure to increase the overall valuation in the near future. 

With the ongoing developments and advancements, many organizations are trying to offer more cost-efficient and affordable smart home automation systems.

5 Reasons Why Wireless Home Automation System Is A Great Idea

1. The Comfort of Convenience:

Convenience is one of the privileges which you will get when you opt for a complete wireless home automation system. The benefit is you do not necessarily have to be at home physically to monitor the home appliances’ activities. Only at the click of a button through your smartphone or a tablet, things will be quickly taken care of. Starting from controlling AC temperature, lighting, or security locks, you can be connected to your house.

Comfort - Roomba Smart Vacuum

2. Security and Protection:

When it comes to security and protection, wireless home automation systems do full justice. Numerous security systems are easily compatible with cameras and even keyless entry.  

The benefit of these features is endless, wherein one can get live updates from their smart device when the motion sensors are working actively. Advantages like calling the police in case of emergencies, locking and unlocking the doors of your home, etc. Everything can be effortlessly done with the help of an application on your smartphone. 

3. Minimize The Overall Costs:

Spending on wireless home automation systems seems like a massive investment initially. But gradually, the energy consumption costs can be fully controlled and even crunched down. 

Using smart lighting, which turns on and off with the help of motion sensors or even timers, can enormously bring down the costs. One can also regularise when lights need to go off when a room is no longer occupied.

Similarly, an investment in a thermostat is again a smart decision. It can be programmed as per your conditions, which will lead to notable savings in your monthly energy bills.    

4. Intelligent HVAC System:

HVAC Systems are extremely helpful in controlling the temperature with built-in sensors. It is an outstanding system for saving energy, which reduces the overall expenditure on electrical bills. 

With the assistance of an HVAC System, it is also possible to monitor the daily hours’ usage of the appliances. Last but not least, the smart built-in sensors make sure to control the rooms’ uneven temperatures. 

5. Increased Property Valuation:

Getting yourself a dwelling place with a home automation system is one thing, but owning a wireless smart home security system or device is a whole other thing. The latter is what adds more value to your property’s overall valuation. 

An individualized wireless home automation system such as a smart thermostat, self-moving lighting, landscape maintenance, or automatic entry and exit function for doors will intrigue the buyers to be willing to buy such a house.

However, a house with a sharp HVAC system, solar panels, and an effective irrigation system will land your house with top resale value in the market. A well built smart home is sought-after and easier to sell. 

Our View

Thus, many wireless smart home automation systems make your dwelling place easier to trade at a lavish price point. Investing in a sound smart home automation system is all about comfort, savings, and making your home a safe place to live altogether.

Tell us about your views in the comments section below.

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