iRobot + IFTTT = A Smart Home That Cleans Itself Without Your Supervision

iRobot IFTTT integration

The leading smart vacuum cleaner brand, iRobot, just recently launched an IFTTT integration. This allows their customers to connect their iRobot device with hundreds of connected home appliances and social media networks, ranging from Google Nest, Amazon Alexa to Facebook, Twitter, and whatnot.

Imagine your iRobot cleaner starts mopping your home, & when it finishes cleaning up, it sends you a notification on your phone. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

To make lives easier for working as well as home-makers, iRobot will make it a dream come true for its users. It will do so by integrating devices and services, like smart thermostats, home security, and lighting facilities, comfortably with the help of an online application.

iRobot Products and IFTTT

There are two primary products by iRobot which will help the future of technology take a leap in the world of home automation: Roomba Vacuums and Braava Mops. These two products come with the fundamental purpose to keep your homes clean indoors and outdoors. 

Only recently, Google and iRobot have broadcasted that they will jointly work towards the advancement of home integration. It will provide the users, a seamless experience and enhanced intelligent home technology with the assistance of mapping data collated by iRobot’s robot vacuums.

Both companies intend to make smart homes “more user friendly” by making use of the information gathered by iRobot, i.e., maps of customers’ homes.

iRobot IFTTT integration

The purpose of the maps can be used for various activities. For example, the maps can generate customized modes of cleaning or vacuuming the place while you are away. You could even connect it with your Wi-Fi and attribute names and locations to the lights. For instance, for your kitchen, bedroom, restroom, and so on. 

All of these processes can be regulated and customized very conveniently via the iRobot HOME Application. 

An added benefit of this integration technology is that it comes with the support of Google Assistant. Thus, it lets the iRobot’s customers provide verbal orders like, “OK Google, tell Roomba to switch on the AC.” Nevertheless, Google will not use either the 3D nor the spatial data possessed by iRobot.

IFTTT Connect

The platform, IFTTT Connect, will possibly offer these embedded events. It’s a platform that is API enabled and also blended with an SDK package. This authorizes companies like iRobot to infuse services ranging from 600+ list on IFTTT directly into their emails and applications.

These authentic and skeptical questions among the consumers will somehow bond the businesses to their user’s overall digital experience. It will lead to bringing engagement, increasing retention, and product enhancement. 

IFTTT Connect will aid iRobot to come up with in-app combinations to make it’s products more interactive & user friendly to its consumers. It will also make sure to make the products more compatible with other existing devices in the home. 

“IFTTT launched as a target for users to efficiently connect the brands and services in their lives. With IFTTT Connect, companies like iRobot are now bringing the power of IFTTT directly to where their customers are!”, revealed Linden Tibbets, Founder, and CEO of IFTTT.

IFTTT Connect permits a compelling & convenient way for our consumers to equate our products with other smart devices in their home.” said Chris Jones, Chief Technology Officer of iRobot. 


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