Even as much of the tech sector followed work from home guidelines; Japanese electronics giant Panasonic launched its much-hyped AI-based IoT smart home system, MirAIe. Developed at the company’s innovation center in Bangalore; the announcement was followed by the launch of the first wave of smart home products. 

The company launched a host of Internet-connected devices including smart plugs, doorbells, and air conditioners. The company is looking to add more products to this range in the future. For instance, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, fans, geysers, and more.

All you need to know about Panasonic MirAIe

MirAIe Panasonic

‘Miraie’, which combines the Japanese words for future and home; aims to connect Panasonic smart devices but will use Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant for its voice commands. Panasonic said MirAIe can automatically adjust devices depending on the movement, level of activity, spot potential problems. It will also provide users with in-built intelligent diagnostics, and suggest ways to extend the lifespan of a device. 

All the products under MirAIe will recognize patterns of usage and will suggest optimal modes to users. This ensures that the users have the best experience overall.

Panasonic joined the long list of tech companies that are competing in the Indian IoT market. Apple announced that it will start selling its HomePod Speaker last month, adding support for English and Hindi hybrid Hinglish to Siri at the same time.

How are other big companies reacting to this?

Amazon and Google have both been expanding their presence of late. Amazon just started selling the Echo Show 8 in India after adding support for Hindi and Hinglish to Alexa in September. 

Google, meanwhile, partnered with Vodafone to set up a free, dedicated phone line for people to call Google Assistant from any phone. All this points to the Indian market being very ripe for smart device competition that can encompass both Alexa and Google Assistant, which is right where Panasonic wants to place itself. 

Panasonic is ready for 5G and AI

With the advent of 5G, IoT will be driving the next round of transformation in the digital world and is the future of smart, connected India.“, said Mr. Manish Sharma, President & CEO, Panasonic India, and Southeast Asia.

He further added, “Consumers are now looking towards IoT & AI-enabled solutions to enhance the quality of life through connected ecosystems – as per our research over 75% are looking for specific requirements related to ease of use; safety, monitoring misuse, service reminders, and personalized usage patterns. Through the launch of our MirAIe platform, we aim to address all of the above and extend connected living in a true sense and further our vision of a better life, a better world”.


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