Samsung has been innovating new technology surrounding WiFi-connected appliances for quite a few years now. They have made several advancements in regards to the pursuit of smart homes. Samsung has also created a series called “SmartThings” which are essentially a culmination of their smart home appliances that interact with each other using WiFi and Bluetooth. They have an array of sensors, kitchen appliances, and laundry appliances that seamlessly connect with each other in an effort to make your experience and life enjoyable.

Samsung WiFi connected Smart Appliances

In their endeavor to make smart homes, they have been able to connect everyday items to your phone so you have control over them. You can be watching TV and without getting up, be able to start the washing machine. To allow this connectivity they have intelligent refrigerators, washers, speakers, and air conditioners. 

The refrigerators have in them sensors as well as a touch screen so you can interact with them. The remaining products have intelligent systems and sensors. The ovens, for example, can be preheated simply from your phone without you having to even go to the kitchen. For the washing machine, you can choose the cycle and load type from your phone instead of having to enter these manually.


They also offer a SmartThings hub which is a WiFi router as well as the center of your smart home. It connects to all your devices and appliances as well as your light fixtures or sockets allowing the control of these devices. 

It can control the thermostat so you can easily control the temperature of your home from your phone. You even have the ability to turn on and off light outlets as per your convenience, allowing you to switch off your bedroom’s lights without getting out of bed. You can comfortably lock your house or any door you may have mistakenly forgotten to remotely from your phone.

There also is a variety of sensors that are offered to you for the monitoring of the house. One such tool is the SmartThings trackers which can help you track the things you want. Attach it to a young child or a pet and have their location available to you at all times. 

SmartThings Camera

There is the SmartThings Camera which gives you the feed directly to your phone. You may install it in your infant’s playroom so you can watch them play and check on their safety as you cook a meal in the kitchen or you could install it at the front door to see who has rung your bell. Then there are the multipurpose sensors such as activity or water leak sensors. 

These will send you a notification on your phone informing you of possible problems or happenings at home when you are at work to allow you to have a speedier reaction instead of getting home and finding the problem later creating a mess. There are sensors to check if doors and windows are locked or not either, allowing you security and ease of mind.

The Future

All of these devices interact with you as well as each other and that is what makes the experience so enjoyable. Having busy work and personal lives, the addition of these kinds of devices supplements our daily chores and allows ease of mind as well as comfort. The world is moving towards smarter living which will rely heavily on AI and the devices curated by Samsung only make it easier to accomplish.

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