DigiLife Touch Switches

DigiLife System: Review

Rating: 4.5/5 Star rating

System Price: 30,000+

Our verdict: DigiLife offers a wide range of devices to make your life more comfortable. The DigiLife smart home products continue to offer distinguished functionality even in case of an unstable or interrupted internet connection, ensuring the smooth functioning of your smart home at all times.

The DigiLife range is also cost effective and has a user friendly, easy to navigate app, although the functionality is limited by the fact that it does not support third party integration.

Value for moneyLimited third party integrations
Delightful app experience
Wide-range of devices
Works with and even without an internet connection


A pioneer in the field of smart home products, DigiLife boasts of some revolutionary products designed keeping user comfort in mind. From Touch Switches and Smart plugs to make control of your smart home products easy, to smart bulbs that light up your home and smart locks, doorbells and IP cameras that ensure the safety and security of your home and loved ones, DigiLife has a solution for you in every aspect of equipping your home to suit your needs and unique lifestyle.

Let us now take a deep dive into the different range of offerings that DigiLife has to satisfy the requirements of your smart home.



If you are looking for smart switches to make your existing switchboards smart, DigiLife has quite a few options that you can choose from.

The switch offerings are of two types: those that come with a retrofit module and fit behind an existing switchboard; touch switches that are designed to be more aesthetically appealing and can be installed as a separate entity on their own.

As retrofit modules behind the switchboard, they are ideal for homes that don’t want to dismantle their existing switchboards, and want a setup that integrates with their system. That being said, touch-switches can also be replaced on most switchboards without any re-wiring or masonry work, provided that the switchboard size is standard.

DigiLife also gives you the option to have both switchboards and retrofit modules in a single home, which means that you can install retrofit modules into your parent’s room, so that they can still use the switches the traditional way, and install the touch-switches in guest room or any living room, where you want to add an aesthetically elegant look.

Let us now take a look at what exactly are the offerings in the Retrofit Modules as well as the Touch switch range offered by DigiLife.


Retrofit Modules

The Retrofit Modules offered by DigiLife can be fitted right behind your existing switchboard without causing any damage to your walls or any other existing structures. You can opt for the Retrofit modules if you are looking to turn an existing system into a smart home system for your home, without having to replace the current system.


1/2/3/5 Switch Module

DigiLife Smart Switch

The Retrofit Module is available in a number of variants for you to choose from, according to your needs. The DigiLife 1 Switch offers the basic functionality of controlling one connected home appliance from the DigiLife App. You can also set schedules and timers for the connected appliance, which makes life so much easier.

Depending upon the number of appliances and lights you wish to turn smart, you can choose among the 1, 2, 3 and 3 Switch retrofit modules.

What we love is the attention to details and customer convenience that DigiLife has as it also offers you the option to customize your 1, 2, 3 or 5 switch module to fit the unique needs of your smart home. So for example, if you choose to install the 5 switch module but need it to control 2 fans and 2 other switches instead of the default configuration, DigiLife offers you the flexibility to do so by customizing your retrofit module to reflect your needs!


1 Switch + 1 Fan Controller

DigiLife 1+1 Controller

The 1+1 Switch is another unique offering that lets you control one appliance as well as one fan by installing a single switch behind your existing switchboard. A unique feature offered by DigiLife which not many brands in the market provide is that if you choose to install the 1 Switch + 1 Fan Controller, you do not need to change your existing fan regulator – with DigiLife, you can simply fit the module behind your existing regulator and control your fan with your smartphone, voice or even manually.

Heavy Duty Modules

DigiLife Heavy Duty Modules

The Heavy Duty Module is a nifty little device offered by DigiLife to help control heavy appliances around the house. Available in 16A and 25A variants, you can set timers and schedules for your appliances with the Heavy Duty Module.

You can also access every connected heavy appliance through the DigiLife app, which sure does make remote access easy and organized.

The Heavy Duty Modules make it easier for you to control your heavy duty appliances in a smart way, also enabling you to monitor energy consumption by your heavy appliances through your smartphone and even set alerts so that you receive a notification on your smartphone if the consumption goes beyond a certain limit, allowing you to always be in total control of your energy bills.


RGBW Controller

DigiLife RGBW Controller

If you are looking for an affordable, robust and playful controller to help you control your smart lights and LED Strips, DigiLife comes to our rescue with an efficient RGBW Controller. Offered in 12V and 24V variants, the DigiLife RGBW controller helps control ambient lights through the DigiLife Mobile app and through voice commands as well.

Pleasantly responsive and efficient,the RGBW Controller makes controlling smart lights easier. You can even schedule your lights to turn on or off and even schedule color changes to suit the time of day.

With the unique Moods feature, you can also recall your favorite light settings from the DigiLife App to set the mood.

Touch Automation

DigiLife has a range of Wi-Fi enabled smart switches to satisfy any smart home requirements. The Smart switches seamlessly integrate with connected home appliances and also lets you control the appliances with a single tap on your smartphone. If you are looking for remote control of your home appliances from anywhere in the world, DigiLife has several switch offerings that help you do that easily.

If you choose to purchase only the touch switches without the retrofit modules, you can still enjoy the smart features of your DigiLife products with the IR Remote that is provided with the touch switches, free of cost.

That being said, if you choose to purchase both the DigiLife smart switch module along with the touch switches; you can then unlock a slew of the features offered by DigiLife, which includes remote control of each connected appliance from your smartphone.

In order to match and enhance the aesthetic of most rooms, you can choose any of your DigiLife Touch Switch to be either Black or White in color.

These truly look quite luxurious when installed in your home. The DigiLife Touch Switches are sleek and modern and allow for installation on any wall hassle-free.

We found the touch sensors on these switches to be quite responsive and touch sensitive as compared to peer brands in the market; which is a great thing to have especially in this price range.

In the Touch Switch range, DigiLife has options including one, two, three and four touch switches for you to choose from so you can select the one that suits your needs the best.

With the DigiLife Touch 2 Switch 2 Socket, you can connect 2 appliances and turn them smart within seconds. Simply plug in up to 2 appliances into the smart socket and get immediate smart control of connected appliances through your smartphone.


DigiLife Touch Switch


If you need to control a bigger room with a higher number of devices installed, you can opt for the DigiLife 4 Switch 1 Fan, which lets you control up to 4 lights and other connected appliances, along with 1 fan, which is enough to control smart appliances in a standard average sized room.

You can choose different permutations and combinations to have your DigiLife products match your requirements. You can mix and match the Touch DoorBell with the Touch 2 Switch, or the Touch 2 Switch 1 Socket and the Touch 4 Socket to form a 6 socket or even combine the Touch 4 Switch 1 Fan regulator with the Touch 4 Switch to give you a custom 8 switch configuration with a single fan regulator – the possibilities are endless.

To explore the entire DigiLife touch-switch range, click here. The amazing part about DigiLife’s modular touch-switch range is that they offer the ability to customise touch-switches the way you want. With over 40+ variants available in black/white colour, you’re assured that you’ll always find a switch configuration that’s ideal for your room.

All in all, what we love about the DigiLife range of smart home products is the sheer range and flexibility that it offers, satisfying any and every need of a smart home. The smart home products are not only aesthetically superior and offer great features, but we have yet to find a unique need that DigiLife is not able to satisfy, which is absolutely unique and something that only DigiLife offers.


Mood lighting

RGBW, Smart LED Bulbs

Mood Lighting

The DigiLife Smart LED Bulbs and Light Strips are truly the highlight and the most fun part of the DigiLife range of offerings. If you are looking to light up your home with a bulb or light strips that can change color and are responsive to your every whim and fancy, we definitely recommend the DigiLife lighting solutions for your every need.

DigiLife stays true to the brand promise of offering you millions of colors to choose from. Both the smart Bulb and the LED Light Strip lets you choose from over 16 million colors to light up your home. You can even create and recall your favorite glow combinations from the Moods and Patterns features on the DigiLife App.

What we loved about the Light strips is that they are super flexible, yet very sturdy which means that you can tack them onto any surface you want to, which opens up a lot of possibilities and gives you a long leash to use it as you please.


Energy Monitoring

DigiLife Energy Monitoring


Smart MCB

Taking convenience a step further, the DigiLife Smart MCB not only protects your home appliances from short circuits, overloads and surge but also lets you operate it from the app on your smartphone or even through voice commands.

If you are someone who generally avoids going near or touching the MCB panel that is packed with 100s of wires; then the DigiLife Smart MCB is your answer. You can choose between the Single Phase and Three Phase MCB to suit your needs.

Energy Meter – 60/200A

If you are an independent home owner, a builder looking to install smart meters in your buildings or even a flat owner, the DigiLife energy meter can serve as a very useful device for you.

Not only does the Energy meter track and measure power consumption at different points throughout the building, you can also configure it to measure the energy consumption of every room. The Energy Meter also sends you smart notifications through the DigiLife app informing you in case the consumption goes past a particular threshold limit that you can pre-set through the app.

A unique and extremely useful feature offered with the DigiLife energy meter is that it does not just report the consumption details and numbers as is. The Energy Meter through the DigiLife app, also shows you consumption insights in the form of easy to view graphs and charts; so that you are well informed and can detect and control any issue that may be creeping into your systems.

The DigiLife Energy meter is available in both 60A and 200A.


Climate & Multimedia

Smart Remote

DigiLife Remote

An all in one, one stop device to replace all your other remotes – that is what best defines the DigiLife Smart Remote. If you are always losing your remotes or finding it difficult to keep track of the remotes to all your different devices; then you are bound to appreciate the usefulness of the DigiLife Smart Remote.

You can use the DigiLife Red as a universal remote for your TV, Set top Box, Projector, AC, Media Streamer and Disc Player. A simple connection with a USB adaptor and an internet connection is all it takes to initiate the hassle-free operation of all these appliances with the single DigiLife Smart Remote.

The range offers a nice and convenient 360 degree coverage, which means that you can control all your connected devices within a radius of 20 feet from a single spot, without any hassles.


Curtain Controller

DigiLife Curtain Controller

We were pleasantly surprised by the smooth functioning of the DigiLife Curtain Controller. The Controller works seamlessly, without any delay in rollover and instant execution of the commands given.

Additionally, the DigiLife Curtain Controller makes life easier by offering compatibility with curtain solutions from most popular brands including Selve, BuildWell, Nova and several others.




DigiLife Smart Lock

DigiLife boasts of a robust collection of smart locks, which are aesthetically appealing as well. A single tap on your smartphone does the trick by unlocking your door instantly. Additionally, you are also provided with physical keys as well.

A distinguishing feature of the DigiLife locks is that you can create customized workflows to switch off appliances automatically as soon as the door is locked; which is a refreshing feature few locks in the market offer. The DigiLife smart lock also enables you to monitor our door from anywhere and even automatically locks your front door; in case you forget to lock it yourself before leaving the house.




DigiLife Touch Doorbell

The DigiLife Smart doorbell gives an instant notification when the doorbell is rung. An uncommon feature offered by the DigiLife Doorbell even gives you an option to access the camera feed if you are unsure; which is a feature not commonly found in smart doorbells offered in this range in the market.

IP Camera

The DigiLife app supports a wide range of IP cameras from third party manufacturers. A comparatively straightforward integration of a compatible smart IP Camera with the DigiLife App presents a live feed of your IP Camera on your DigiLife App 24×7.


DigiLife – The App Experience

DigiLife App

A first look at the DigiLife App shows a landing page that has an interactive dashboard where you can view the status of all smart devices connected and configured with the DigiLife App. The App offers a choice between dark and light mode for higher convenience.

Using the app is overall a smooth, uninterrupted experience. The app is simple and uncomplicated and works hassle-free. The DigiLife app definitely gets a thumbs up from us!


Alexa & Google Home Integration

Another thing we loved about the DigiLife range is that all DigiLife products without exception can be used for control via voice commands; and are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

We tried using both simple and advanced voice commands to control the smart LED Strip, a fan through the 1+1 switch and the AC through Smart Remote; and noted that all commands were executed precisely and instantly, without any delay.


Third-party Integrations

For the most part, the DigiLife System does not support third party integration, which can be a drawback if you are an existing smart home owner and would want to integrate your DigiLife smart home solutions in your existing smart home system.

However, the one product where DigiLife does allow for some flexibility in terms of third party product integration is that it allows you to integrate an existing IP camera into the DigiLife System.



Installation of most products offered by DigiLife can be done either by following the steps described in the installation guide or by watching a simple tutorial on YouTube. In most cases, you will also be able to complete the installation and configuration by yourself.

In case you run into an issue and wish to get assistance or want to ensure hassle-free, correct installation of your DigiLife products, click on the link and we will reach out to you immediately. After understanding the issue, we can connect you to a professional service near you so that you can have your DigiLife products installed conveniently and by a professional.


DigiLife: Pricing & Cost Estimation

A quick calculation of the estimated cost of installing the DigiLife System in your home throws the following:

For an average room equipped with the basic required smart devices from DigiLife, the cost estimation is of approximately Rs. 15,000. This also includes installing basic switches, a smart remote and smart lights.

Going by a similar estimation, we can safely arrive at an approximation of around Rs. 45,000 to 60,000 to install smart devices in an average 3BHK home. If you wish to get a more detailed estimate, click here.



Overall, the DigiLife range offers a series of products with great features and functionalities and a smooth, user friendly app. Another positive feature of DigiLife is that it is hubless, cutting a lot of hassle for a smart home owner.

The DigiLife range is also cost effective, which makes it a good choice if you are a home owner looking to venture into accessorizing your home with smart home products. If, however, you are an existing smart home owner; the DigiLife system may not be a good solution for you due to the fact that it does not support third party integrations, which can be a major drawback.


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