OneTouch Video Door Phone

OneTouch System: Review

Rating: 4.5/5 Star rating

System Price: 30,000+

Our verdict: Relied on by some of the biggest names in the industry, the OneTouch System and devices do not disappoint. Offering multiple solutions for the individual home, building and apartments; OneTouch smart devices are smart and efficient and offer the very best functionalities in the category. Boasting of one of the best apps in terms of ease of use and user experience, OneTouch is a winner through and through. Definitely a must buy in our view!

  • Extensive support network
  • Slightly expensive
  • Complete accessibility solutions
  • Limited third-party integrations
  • AI-powered Intercom systems
  • Secure cloud hosting in India


About the company

OneTouch is a more than 17 year old company that dabbles in the areas of home and community security; relied on by some of the leading developers and real estate moguls in the country; to help equip their projects and societies with smart devices that offer all around security.

With more than 200 Channel Partners and more than 520 Residential and Corporate collaborations in its kitty, OneTouch is a leader in the community security industry; offering innovative and reliable solutions to ensure the welfare of your family and community at all times.

OneTouch offers their smart home products in a very unique and handy way. The brand categorizes its products on the basis of the backdrop where you need to install them. You can choose between A Standalone Home, a Villa, a Multitenant (Building) and a multi apartment (housing society) backgrounds; offering smart solutions to the varied requirements in each of the categories.

Depending on whether you wish to automate your home or if you are someone looking for smart solutions for buildings or apartments that you may own; choosing your own solutions becomes quite easy with OneTouch.

What is different about the OneTouch products is that OneTouch uses Coalesce structured wiring for all its products.

Coalesce is basically a centralized distribution multimedia box that receives signals from incoming services including your broadband, satellite cable TV, your telephone lines etc.; and distributes and connects all the devices in your home with these signals.

This not only makes communication easy and reliable, but also makes maintenance and repair of wiring structures efficient; leading to a more connected and easy to maintain smart home.


OneTouch Product Range

In this review, we will take a closer look at  the different offerings by OneTouch for individual homes, multi apartments and societies and communities and the functionalities of the products offered.


OneTouch Solutions for Individual Homes 

Serving up a variety of products for the individual homeowner, OneTouch offers an expansive range of products to help keep your home and loved ones safe. Let us take a deep dive into the different products offered by OneTouch for individual Home Owners:

  • OneTouch Smart Video Doorbell

Unlike many of its counterparts, the OneTouch Smart Video Doorbell captures high quality photos even in low light conditions. The Doorbell has white LED lights installed around the camera, which makes for some amazing live video streaming as well.

You can also integrate your smart digital door locks with the OneTouch Smart Video Doorbell and lock or unlock your doors from anywhere.

The most distinguishing feature of the OneTouch Smart Video Doorbell, however, is that it has an In-built multi-zone alarm panel system. This, as it turns out, is a gamechanger. Often, smart home owners are frustrated with frequent false alarms triggered by their smart doorbells or IP Cameras. The multi-zone alarm panel system avoids this irritant by allowing you to set custom zones in your home where any motion detection by the doorbell calls for an alarm.

This avoids a false triggering of the alarm owing to your child or pet walking through the home, calling for your attention only when there is an attempted intrusion or an unidentified motion in your home!

  • OneTouch Anywhere Intercom

The Anywhere Intercom performs several tasks efficiently, which is pleasantly surprising considering its small size and unassuming design.

Through the OneTouch Anywhere Intercom, you can perform several tasks such as monitor your CCTV Camera, receive a live feed of your main door and get instant alarm alerts in case of an intrusion.

Additionally, you can also view visitor logs, receive a screenshot to view visitors to your home throughout the day even when you are not at home and receive notifications on motion detection. With several more advanced features, the OneTouch Anywhere Intercom is a 10/10 winner for sure!


OneTouch Solutions for Multi Apartments

For multi apartment setups, buildings and communities, OneTouch serves up a range of devices that not only offer and ensure the safety and security of the residents; but also add a dash of panache and modernity to the range of solutions that ensure the security of residents, no matter the situation.

Let us a take a look at all the devices offered by OneTouch in this range:


  • OneTouch Multi Apartment Video Door Phone

The Multi Apartment Video Door Phone is a smart solution to view and identify a visitor to your home before letting him into the society. The Multi Apartment Video Door Phone is supposed to be installed at the entrance of the society; and can place a video call for identification to all the apartments in the society.

If you are looking for a simple, affordable yet reliable security solution for your building; the Multi Apartment Video Door Phone is your answer. A simple video call placed by the security guard to your home through the Video Door Phone lets you identify the visitor and decide whether to let them in or not; before they ever reach your apartment door, guaranteeing total safety and security of your family.

In our experience, the Multi Apartment Video Door Phone works quite well. The video quality is seamless, there is little to no lag in the audio and the response time to place the call after the call button is pressed is also very minimal.


  • OneTouch Video Entry Station

While we remain majorly impressed with OneTouch’s entire range of products, the Video Entry Station is the clear frontrunner in our list of favorites.

This nifty little device basically acts as an Unmanned guard for your building. Performing all the functions of a security barrier at the entrance to your building; the Video Entry Station brings a revolutionary change in the way we look at security in our buildings.

The Video Entry station harnesses the power of facial recognition to identify and allow domestic helps into your building. Common Service people are also let into the building only after authentication by the Video Entry Station.

The winner, however, is the Vehicle Authentication feature offered by the Video Entry Station. The Station is installed with a UHF Reader that enables it to automatically read the license plate of a vehicle and lift the barrier to let the vehicle into the society. A QR code Authentication feature is also enabled to let in residents and service providers into the society.

The Video Entry Station also provides access to common areas using Facial Recognition and QR codes; making sure that your building or society remains fortified and secure at all times. The Station provides numerous additional features and performs all actions seamlessly and quickly; making it to the top of our favorite AI powered smart security devices list for sure.

  • OneTouch SIP Paging System

The SIP Paging System is a unique emergency broadcasting system that lets you sound an emergency to alert the entire residential society. This could come in quite handy in cases of accidents and disasters like an earthquake, fire or any situation that may require an immediate evacuation.

It is designed such that you can use the OneTouch Video Doorbell or the Lobby Station to broadcast emergency messages through the Common Area IP Phones installed throughout the premises.


OneTouch Residential Society Management Software

The Residential Society Management Software is a complete society security management software designed by OneTouch. The Software integrates several features into one and makes management, complaint tracking and ensuring security of the society easy and efficient.

The software enables generating complaint tickets through a Video Door Phone, track visitor records; take snapshots of every person accessing the building lobby and do so much more with the Software.

The software also offers a unique revenue stream by allowing advertisements to be broadcast on video door phones installed in the individual homes so that the society can generate revenues.

All in all, the software presents a unified, accessible and efficient front to manage the everyday goings-on of a residential society hassle-free; getting a thumbs up from us.


OneTouch – The App Experience

OneTouch App

The OneTouch app is popularly touted to be one of the best Video Intercom apps available in the market. So we decided to test it out ourselves to see how much truth there was behind such glowing reviews.

As it turns out, we were pleasantly surprised with the ease of use and accessibility provided by the OneTouch App. The App receives intimation about visitors at your door instantly and provides you with a very clear video feed through your Video Door Phone. We also found the OneTouch App to be very easy to navigate.

Overall, the OneTouch app deserves a huge thumbs up for the pleasant experience and great functionality that it provides. You will not be disappointed, trust us!


Third-party Integrations

The OneTouch Video Door Phone can be integrated with any third party external camera to provide an input stream to the Video Door Phone. Similarly, OneTouch also allows integration of the OneTouch mobile app with any third party IP Cameras.

DigiLife Smart Lock

You can also integrate your OneTouch video door phones and intercom systems with electronic and digital door locks for easy locking and unlocking of your doors, without having to get up.



You will need a couple of basic handyman tools to install your Onetouch smart devices. A splitter, a screwdriver, a tester, a couple of wires and the device you wish to install are the basic tools you need to install the modules.

There are several easy to understand, step by step tutorials to help you install your OneTouch smart device on YouTube. Or you can take the help of the detailed installation guides included with every product; in order to help you out with easy installation.

If you have ever performed any simple wiring, installation or maintenance in your house, this should not be too big of a task.

To know more about the installation, you can check out the OneTouch YouTube channel here.

You can also look up an installation partner for OneTouch (only for India) to reach out for professional help for the installation of your OneTouch devices.


OneTouch: Pricing

For individual homes, the prices of the OneTouch smart products start from Rs. 2,000 going all the way up to Rs. 25,000.

For the multi apartments and communities, the OneTouch price range starts from Rs. 13,000, going up to Rs. 60,000; depending upon the products and the functionalities offered.



OneTouch devices are some of the most reliable and stable smart home and community security devices in the market. Offering various functionalities to cover all the aspects of home security; the OneTouch devices are a good choice if you are either a smart home owner looking to fortify your home from your intruders; or a real estate builder looking to equip your society and community to make lives easy and safe.

The devices are also well priced and worth your buck for the level of comfort and security that they offer. All in all, the OneTouch system is a good investment and gets a thumbs up from us!


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