OpenApp System: Review

Rating: 4.5/5 Star rating

Average Lock Price: 10,000+

Our verdict: If you are a homeowner looking to install smart security devices in your home, the first thing that comes to mind is a smart lock to secure and restrict access to your home. No matter what kind of smart door lock you’re looking for, OpenApp has the answer. Offering smart, affordable and aesthetically pleasing smart door locks with an option to choose among multiple modes of entry, OpenApp is a pioneer in the smart locking solutions markets and is definitely a must buy to keep your valuables and loved ones safe at all times!


  • Elegant Product Design
  • Limited installer network
  • Economical Pricing
  • No integration with Z-Wave or Zigbee
  • Latch lock range is an USP
  • User-friendly app experience


About the company

OpenApp is a new age brand committed to providing smart and reliable home security to every home in the country. Offering high end products in the mid range, one of OpenApp’s primary goals is to make sure that every homeowner has access to its smart locks and is able to provide all around protection for their family.

Initially, OpenApp started by offering smart locks in three categories- viz. Built in Bluetooth, Fingerprint access and GSM enabled smart locks, but has eventually expanded to offer smart locks that can be accessed through an RFID card, passcodes, a smartphone app, fingerprints, touchpads and through physical keys as well.

Apart from its high quality, reliable smart door locks, OpenApp now also offers smart locking solutions for your luggage and other storage units.


Open App Product Range

OpenApp has quite a few offerings in the security domain. What is different about the OpenApp locks is that they are, without exception, well designed and quite aesthetically pleasing.

OpenApp locks largely fall into two categories: ones that you can fix on your doors to secure your home and others that can be tacked onto your luggage and other similar belongings so that you can not only lock your belongings but also track them with the help of the OpenApp smart android and iOS compatible app.


  • Latch locks

OpenApp Latch Locks

Open App Latch locks are a bunch of handy, travel appropriate locks that you can attach to your luggage to keep your belongings safe in case your luggage gets misplaced or stolen.

An additional feature offered by the OpenApp Latch locks is that you can lock or unlock your OpenApp Latch locks from your smartphone, without needing any keys or passcodes.

Stress tests on the Latch Tag+ confirmed OpenApp’s claim of the Latch Tag+ being able to withstand great pressure. Whatever lock-picking techniques we could learn from YouTube didn’t work with the OpenApp Latch locks either.

Latch locks by OpenApp have a long battery life that enables the locks to work for up to 60 days on a mere 2 hours of charging.

OpenApp has quite a number of offerings in this domain, including the following:

    • Latch Pro+
    • Latch Mini
    • Latch Tag+

  • Door locks

OpenApp Door Locks

If you are looking for smart, elegant locks to keep your home safe, then the OpenApp Door locks are the solutions you are looking for.

The OpenApp Door Locks are a collection of well designed, sleek locks that can be attached to your doors easily.

The first thing that we noticed (and loved!) about the OpenApp Door locks is that they allow you to choose from several access modes to unlock your doors, suited to whatever is convenient for you in any situation.

These varied access modes can come in handy in several everyday situations when you need to either give your friends or family access to your home or when you’re not at home but need to let your househelp in etc.

We also liked the fact that you can schedule your OpenApp door locks to locks and unlock automatically as you please.

You can find below a comparison table of access modes offered in the various OpenApp Door locks:


FeatureDoor OneDoor TwoDoor ThreeDoor FourR2Pro
Smartphone accessX
Key card (RFID)X
Physical KeyXX



One concern expressed by most smart home users is the privacy and security of their data and consequently, the safety of their homes.

To address this issue, OpenApp has put into place several advanced privacy protection safeguards to keep your data safe. Advanced Encryption Standard 128-bit encryption, which is also used by banks, has been applied by OpenApp to avoid data privacy breaches.


  • Gateway Hub

OpenApp Gateway Hub

The OpenApp Gateway Hub is an understated yet evidently powerful hub to control your OpenApp devices from your smartphone. The white colored, minimalist Gateway Hub by OpenApp is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and wireless, which is helpful since it makes the hub mobile and easy to install anywhere in the house.

Bluetooth connectivity is a feature that proves to be a boon to uninterrupted functioning when your internet is down but you need to lock or unlock your doors securely. The Gateway Hub is also well designed in that it is compact and lightweight as well.


OpenApp – The App Experience

App experience

Overall, the OpenApp App experience has been quite positive.

The App is quite user friendly and easy to navigate. The Response time is decent and the App doesn’t hang or lag.

One feature that has received accolades is that the OpenApp app is very inclusive, providing options to integrate several smart home devices and control them from a single dashboard. This not only helps you save memory on your device but also navigate control of your house hassle-free.

Kudos to the developers for having developed the app to be fast, responsive and easy to navigate.


Alexa & Google Home Integration

Any smart home feels incomplete without smart devices that are able to pick up cues and execute tasks with voice commands. OpenApp doesn’t disappoint in this aspect as all OpenApp door and latch locks are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

You can therefore lock and unlock your doors and other luggage etc. with voice commands with OpenApp locks.




Installation of the OpenApp locks is quite straightforward and you can get your locks as well as your OpenApp Hub running within minutes.

Simply remove the lock already installed on your door/window, mark out the lock size and use the template to mark the position of the holes to be drilled on both sides of the door.

Make holes on the markings with the help of a drill and use the screws to secure your OpenApp door lock in place. Finally, install batteries in the lock and you’re done!

To know more about the installation, you can also check installation videos on YouTube here.

In case you run into an issue and wish to get assistance or want to ensure hassle-free, correct installation of your OpenApp products, you can simply contact the OpenApp support team who will guide you through the installation properly.


OpenApp: Pricing

OpenApp offers locks in a variety of price ranges to suit every need and budget.

The OpenApp locks are priced anywhere from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 30,000, giving you a wide berth to choose the lock that best suits your requirements and budget criteria.



The OpenApp range of security devices is an affordable, economical solution to ensuring the safety and security of your home and belongings. Offering features ranging from multiple unlocking options and manual keys to allowing multiple user access and time sliced access, the OpenApp locks are a great pick if you are someone who is looking for smart, budget friendly locks to install in your home.

Overall, the OpenApp locks get a thumbs up from us!


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