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Yale Smart Lock Range: Review

Rating: 4.5/5 Star rating

Average lock price: 20,000+

Our verdict: With a rich history of innovation and manufacturing some of the most reliable locking systems in the world for over 100 years, Yale locks are certainly the go to if you are looking for smart locks to ensure the security of your smart home. Offering a wide range of locking solutions to suit every need and an impeccable record of excellent customer service, you can never go wrong with installing a Yale smart home lock in your home.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Expensively priced than peers
  • Wide range of locks (available in different colours/variants)
  • Smart locks require a hub + module
  • Supports BLE, Z-Wave and ZigBee
  • Unmatched customer service
  • Pan-India network of installers


Having a smart lock on your door could potentially have a big impact on your life and help you save a lot of time and effort; especially if you are the kind of person who is always losing their keys or hunting for them for what seems like ages in the depths of your bag. This is where a smart lock comes in very handy!

We took a look at the smart locks offered by Yale and were quite impressed!


About Yale

Established in the year 1840, Yale has a long history of being the go to solutions for ensuring the safety of your valuables and your loved ones. Started in a tiny lockshop in the US, Yale evolved over the years and has innovated, always staying ahead of the curve and driving the evolution of reliable, secure and easy to operate smart locks and homes.

With a solid ground of knowledge, expertise, trust and heritage, Yale locks are available in over 120 countries across the globe, known for their superior quality and durability, relied on by millions of people all over the world.

The Yale range is packed with different smart locks that offer varied functionalities to satisfy different requirements.

Before we dive into the exact functionalities offered by the Yale smart locks and an in-depth review, let us first take a look at the common functionalities/features offered by the range of Yale smart locks.


Features available on all Yale Lock Models

Yale Multiple Modes

Multiple Modes

The biggest distinguisher when it comes to ensuring security with the Yale smart locks is that they can be operated in two modes: a Security (Master) Mode which is an admin access mode that lets you generate new passcodes and grant access to new users; and a Normal mode that grants equal rights to pre-registered users.

Yale Design


We loved the look of the Yale locks that have a one of a kind, elegant finish that really does look regal. 10/10 on the beautiful aesthetic of the locks.



Several competing brands in the market offer a longer warranty period whereas Yale falls short in this area since it offers a one year manufacturer warranty on all its locks.

Yale auto locking

Auto Locking

The Auto locking feature afforded by the Yale locks is a real life-saver if you have a toddler who forgets to lock the door on their way out, or if you are granting remote access to your househelp and need to make sure that the door is secured once they have left. You can set the Yale smart locks to relock automatically 30 seconds after it is unlocked, which is enough time to keep your home safe after you have left and forgotten to lock the door.



Long battery life is another thing that we appreciate in the Yale locks. Each of the four AA batteries that are installed in the Yale smart locks have a battery life of up to one year, which is quite competitive when compared to peers in the market in the same price range.A useful feature that makes the Yale locks a good choice for a secure home with easy access is that in case the batteries run out while you are away from your home, you can simply make use of the physical keys provided with each of the Yale smart locks to access your home, ensuring that you are never locked out, no matter what.

 Yale Keypad


All Yale smart locks are fitted with an elegant touchscreen keypad to grant you quick access to your home. You can also generate custom keycodes to give your friends and family access to your home, even when you are not there.



Unique Features – Available on Hand-picked Models

Varied access modes and number of user registrations permitted in each mode form the primary differences in the Yale smart locks. Let us now take a deep dive into some of the more popular Yale locks, preferred by a majority of smart home owners.


Yale August Lock


Yale + August

Combining the stunning efficiency and design of the Yale locks with the superior features offered by August, the Yale August locks offer features that really are a class apart.

Equipped with smart DoorSense technology, the Yale August lock lets you know not only if your door has been opened or closed but also if it is locked or unlocked in real time.

Easy compatibility with August doorbells and the August Bridge has propelled the Yale August lock to newer levels of efficiency and control over your home, making it one of the best Yale locks out there.


YDG 313 GL

Touted to be one of the best locks for glass doors, the YDG 313 GL justifies the hype that it brings with it.

The Magic Mirror finish is very pleasant and eye-catching and gives the lock an elegant feel. The lock can grant RFID access for up to 40 individual users and the lock itself can be operated in Security and Master modes, giving varying levels of user access control.

The Safe Thumb turn feature, which allows the lock to be unlocked only if the user simultaneously pushes two buttons on the lock provides higher security compared to a normal door knob.


YDM 4109 / YDM 4109 (Roller Latch) Smart Lock

Yale YDM 4109

The YDM 4109 lock combines brilliant design with superior mechanical build. We loved the look and feel of the lock as its elegant design makes it fit beautifully with any aesthetic and only adds to the overall look of the room.

Another feature of the YDM 4109 that sets it a class apart is the Force Locked Alarm feature it offers. If you are going away and will not be unlocking your door for a while; setting your YDM 4109 on Force Locked Mode ensures that you are informed immediately if someone tries to unlock or tamper with your door while you are away. It also sounds an alarm in this case, alerting your neighbours and scaring the intruder away.


YDM 7116 MB

Yale YDM 7116 MB

With a sleek, elegant finish, the YDM 7116 MB is another brilliant one of the Yale locks which is popular for a reason. It is very easy to operate and provides maximum security to your home.

Providing you with the option of multiple unlocking methods, the YDM 7116 MB takes personalization of your security locks a level higher.

You can even use the Code scrambling feature of the YDM 7116 MB is worth a mention here as it provides you with the option of entering a bunch of random digits before you enter your PIN, making it far too confusing for someone to remember your PIN, in instances when you are concerned of someone looking over your shoulder as you enter your PIN.


YDR 50 G

The YDR 50 G is another crowd favorite that is worth a try. The design is beautiful and usage is pretty simple.

With multiple access modes like fingerprint, RFID, Mechanical key, smart keypad and PIN access; the YDR 50 G is a perfect fit for most doors.

It also has an Auto Lock feature which locks your door automatically in case you forget to do so yourself on your way out.


YDM 3109

YDM 3109

The YDM 3109, when paired with a Yale Hub provides you the power to open your doors remotely from anywhere in the world. You can also set and grant one time passcodes for granting access to less frequent visitors to your home.

What is worth a mention here is that the YDM 3109 has a strong lock body with hardened SS 304 bolts. It is also equipped with a gorgeous Keypad display that lights up with various patterns of light.


YDR 343

Yale YDR 343

The YDR 343 is one of the world’s slimmest smart door locks. It packs great functionality with unfettered convenience, all packed in a nifty, compact design.

We love that the YDR 343 combines all the features that are signature offerings of the Yale locks including Multiple access modes, Auto Locking, Smart Keypad, Safe Thumb Turn and Forced Lock Alarm while also having a long battery life, in addition to the lightweight, slim design.



The J20 A ensures total privacy by encrypting your data to avoid unauthorized access. It also has an added level of security that requires users to verify their identity through either an email or a phone number, in addition to the unlocking modes. This additional layer of security is a unique feature offered by the J20 A that ensures that no one gets unauthorized access to your home, ever.

Additionally, the J20 A packs other distinguishing features of the Yale locks including a long battery life, Forced Alarm Mode as well as Auto Locking features.

You can even personalize your Yale J20 A to play a beautiful melody to welcome you into your home each time you unlock the door!


YDR 41 Smart Locks, Double Door/ Sliding Door

The YDR 41 smart lock is specially designed for installation on double doors and sliding doors. With various access modes including fingerprint, PIN Code, RFID and one time passwords, the YDR 41 is a great pick if you are looking for a smart, sturdy and well designed double door lock that is aesthetically pleasing as well.


Yale Connect Hub

The Yale Connect Hub is a smart Wi-Fi Gateway that keeps your home secure even when you are away. It is basically the brain behind the easy operation of your smart locks and lets you grant visitors remote access to your home, no matter where you are.

We found the Yale Connect Hub to be a powerful, seamless, efficient way to keep an eye on the security of your home. Not once did the Hub show any signs of a lag or an interruption in service and connectivity. All commands were executed instantly and without any mistakes; making the Hub a powerful choice to secure your home with the Yale locks.

The Hub can be easily managed through the Yale Connect App; which is a simple, user-friendly app that provides you with a lot of flexibility to control your Yale smart locks to suit your needs.


Yale Modules

Yale Module

A distinguishing feature about the Yale locks is that they are all modular, implying that your first purchase a base lock that suits your needs and the access methods you prefer, and then you purchase a radio module to power your Yale locks, according to the smart home connectivity system you prefer or have already pre installed in your home.

A big advantage that this offers is that if in the future you decide to switch smart home platforms or there are new smart home technologies introduced in the future that you wish to try out; you do not need to change your locks entirely – you can simply buy a new module and continue using your smart locks with the new system module.


Yale YRM 20

The YRM 20 is a security module that can be integrated with the Yale smart locks to enable wireless engaging and disengaging of the locks. You can also configure the YRM 20 with your Yale CCTV or alarm system; so that you can be informed immediately in case there is an intruder or an attempted break-in in your home.

The YRM 20 makes a 24×7 live feed available on your smartphone, directly on the Yale android app.



Yale Keyfob

Yale Keyfob

The Yale Keyfob is a nifty little device that can be wirelessly paired with your Yale Home Automation system; and locks to engage or disengage your locks or even trigger the alarm system.   

While the device in itself is not the most aesthetically pleasing keyfob we have seen in the market, it certainly does its job well. Do not mistake the small size of the Key Fob for a limitation in functionality as the Yale Keyfob packs a punch in its tiny body.



Installation of the Yale locks really is a 30 minute procedure, as the company claims. You will require nothing more than your smartphone and a screwdriver for installation.

In case, however, you do not have the appropriate holes in your door frame, you will also need a power drill.

After the installation, simply put in the batteries, and activate the radio module. Follow a simple set of instructions and connect your lock to a Wi-Fi network or a smart hub and you can start using your locks through your smartphone immediately.

To know more about the installation, you can check out the Yale YouTube channel here.

You can also look up an installation partner for Yale (only for India) to reach out for professional help for the installation of your Yale devices.



Running on advanced algorithms and offering unparalleled features, Yale has some really exceptional locks to offer. With multiple unlock modes, remote access and tamper alerts, the Yale locks truly work to keep your home safe and secure.

Integration with the Yale Hub opens up a world of possibilities, letting you run and enjoy the power automation like you never thought possible.

While the price tag of the Yale products may seem a little high at first, but trust us, it is worth the money. With the Yale range of smart home products, you are paying for high functioning, well designed and extremely useful products that really make a difference in the way you control your home and go about your daily lives.

If, however, you are working on a smaller budget and are looking for cheaper options, we would recommend checking out the OpenApp range of products here.


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