Don’t we all get super excited whenever there is a buzz around improvement in the tech world? With so much going around in the technology starting from advancements to innovations, it somehow makes us relieved and a tad bit lazier.

With a significant increase in the home automation craze, more and more people are getting drawn towards making their homes fully smart with the help of intelligent gadgets.

And so, it becomes crucial from our end to adopt relevant measures and research a bit to be protected against all the possible risks that may be associated with smart home automation.

Smart Home Gadgets:

We bring you a list of 8 phenomenal gadgets that will make your home smart and intelligent enough to protect itself. So here you go:-


Robot Vacuum - Roomba - Smart home gadget

The tedious most task of the day is taken care of! A Robot vacuum will make sure to mop and clean the hard floors, tiles, and even the carpets. The robot needs to be only connected with Wi-Fi, and it will all be good to go! 

You can sit back and relax while one of the most critical tasks is being done. It can also be readily paired up with your Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for the swift catch of instructions. 


Ecobee Smart Home Thermostat

A voice-enabled smart thermostat that is Wi-Fi compatible. It is equipped with accurate temperature and moisture sensors to provide your home with the apt temperature depending upon the time of the day and how many people occupy the room. 

The major pro of the Ecobee thermostat is that it minimizes the redundant consumption of energy and saves a substantial amount of money in the longer run. 


Logitech Smart Remote - Smart Home Gadget

Once you get hold of the all-in-one remote control, you get access to a device for a great addition to your smart home. It makes it easy to configure with Alexa and lets you control tasks like dimming the lights, firing up the television for a great movie night, binge-watch Netflix, and even lowering the blinds from a distance.

All of this gets super simple within a snap of your fingers. 


tp-link Smart plug

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi plug from TP-link works amazingly well with Home Alexa. The plugs help you to conveniently schedule as and when to turn on/off a device automatically. Also, it saves you quite an amount. With this, it can also be conveniently set up and controlled with free Android and iOS KASA applications on phones.

Isn’t it awesome? I mean, imagine managing your houses’ most power-consuming devices even in your absence.


Larkkey Surveillance camera - Smart home gadget

This gadget is crucial and, at the same time, ideal for keeping your home safe and sound. Larkkey surveillance is very well compatible with your Alexa device. It makes sure to capture the entire footage from around your home as and when you command. 

It serves the purpose of having additional tiny monitors too.


tuya Smart bulbs

While we use the LED technology, the bulbs can be easily connected with your Google Home and Alexa devices. The benefits vary wherein one can remotely change the color of the light and even dim it. LEDs, by default, are incredibly energy-efficient and last for a very long time.  

You can also install the free mobile application called “Smart Life,” which lets you control every move of the appliances even when you are away. 


Ring Smart Home Doorbell

A smart video doorbell is usually Wi-Fi enabled. It can easily connect via an internet connection, and real-time two-way communication from anywhere is entirely possible. 

This assures the owner that their home is safe the entire 24*7 with and without their presence.  


Sonos multi-room digital music system

When you wish to gush through some of the greatest music, you can simply plug into the Sonos Multi-room Digital Music Bundle, which gets connected wirelessly from anywhere in your home. With this device, you can either play different music in different rooms or the same music in multiple places together. 

It works brilliantly with your Wi-Fi connection and also gets plugged into the wall completely.  

Bottom Line

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about making our dwelling place smart is how it will make our lives easy. Having not to mop the floors, not getting up a gazillion times to turn on and off a switch, and opening and closing the blinds is all we feel too lazy to do. However, thanks to the Internet of things (IoT), all of this is a reality. 

So, here you go! You have your eight gadgets in place that make sure your home is smart and protective enough. Starting from sound, lighting, cleaning, security to safety, you are all covered!

Have more gadgets to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.


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